Altamax Surveying - Professional service and experience!

Altamax Surveying is a fully insured and licensed surveying company, operating throughout the State of Florida.

Altamax Surveying was established in August of 2010 by Robert C. Johnson PSM, a Professional Surveyor & Mapper in the State of Florida. Robert has 32 years of experience working in the State of Florida and has preformed many disciplines of surveying throughout his career. Altamax Surveying partnered with James D. Bray PSM in September of 2018 adding another 28 years of experience and exceptionalism to the company.

Some of the above disciplines include:

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Residential Mortgage Surveys, GPS Control, Bathometric Surveys, Asbuilt Surveys,  Permit Surveys, Plat Documents, Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Submerged Lease Surveys and many others.

Altamax Surveying has a full and complete understanding of the coordination importance and Survey requirements needed for closing on Commercial and Residential land transactions.